Meet Rielly

Rielly Karsh is a strategic thinker, coalition builder, and master communicator whose life has taken turns worthy of a memoir. Her story begins on a subsistence farm in northern New Hampshire, spans the tropics, the desert, the city, and now a small town in western New Jersey. Her experiences across rural and corporate America inform her love of country, her sense of civic duty, and her ability to inspire people.

While Rielly once dreamed of being a war correspondent, her love of environmental and social justice brought her to law school. Facing the debt that education brings, Rielly turned to Wall Street to practice finance, real estate, and securities law. She became an expert at solving complex problems and worked with women in power who challenged the status quo.

After four years in the financial world, Rielly wanted to be more than a cog in a legal machine that never sleeps. She walked away from Wall Street and into a life that was her own. Not only did she enrich her personal life by starting a family and becoming an active member of her community, she tapped into her creative side and launched a family and equine photography business.

In 2017, as the political landscape shifted, Rielly ran for her local town council and won. Campaigning showed her that moms are often undervalued and overlooked in politics. This prompted Rielly to launch Moms Running, an organization that equips moms with the network, training, and amplification they need to pursue political office.

Rielly Karsh knows the challenges of being a woman in a man’s world, and as a co-founder of the Go Boldly Initiative, she is determined to lead women into taking charge of their own lives.