Today we are feeling all the things! On this episode of We Go Boldly Podcast we are talking about living authentically by allowing yourself to feel your feelings. Tune in and join us as we walk through what it means to feel all of your feelings, and allow yourself the time and space to experience the fullness of your emotional life.

We dive into how to start noticing and being aware of what you are feeling. Naming and identifying your feelings accurately allows you to begin connecting with your highest purpose. We remind our listeners that feelings are a process, they are not always logical, and that you can have conflicting feelings. It is in reality normal to feel conflicting feelings!

Beyond the initial process of identifying and accepting that you are in fact feeling something, we look deeply at what it means to have emotional integrity, and to be vulnerable. We talk through the idea that in order to be authentic and live a limitless life, we need to allow ourselves the opportunity to feel and process what is happening in your life. 

When we tune into our true feelings we also make room for our intuition to step forward and guide our decisions. We open our lives to the influence and power of the world around us, without allowing it to take over. As we start to allow in feelings that we may have been denying or ignoring for a long time it can be challenging to find a balance. We remind our listeners that feeling our feelings is not the same as being consumed by our feelings. 

Throughout, we talk about how to process all these feelings you are now letting in to your head and heart. We run through suggestions from finding a professional therapist to help you with big concerns that crop up to starting your own journaling, art, or meditation practice to work through your feelings. At the end of the day, your feelings affect you both physically and mentally. It is essential to a limitless life that you learn to identify, process, and move through the whole breadth of feelings. 


  1. Revisit clearing the clutter from your mind
  2. Take time out during the day and start noticing your feelings, keep a journal handy and jot down what you notice or keep a voice memo for yourself
  3. If it feels safe to do so without the advice of a professional, start to focus on one of the emotions or feelings that you noticed from your day that maybe you pushed to the side.
  4. Give yourself permission to look at that feeling without judging it or letting it take over


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