In today’s episode we ask you, where do you find your connection?  We ask you this because in order to hear your inner voice and connect to your authentic self you are often required to find the silence and shut out the noise.  Silence is what allows you to hear yourself more clearly and to hear the world around you.  As you search for silence you may find that your mind is more cluttered than you realized.  Or you may have found that the voices that are the loudest in your mind are not actually your own.  Those voices could be society as a whole or a certain person in your history or current life.  It is the silence that can give you the peace to let you focus on your own thoughts. 

Meditation comes in many forms and allows you to connect to the silence.  It allows you to turn inward in a deep way and connect both with yourself and your sense of spirituality. Meditation is considered a type of mind-body complementary medicine. Meditation can produce a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind.

You can meditate with a purpose – to calm yourself, soothe anxiety, release stress, alleviate pain etc.  Meditation can simply be used to help you become more mindful of what is going on inside your own body and mind – to notice.  The process of mediation is filled with trial and errors and false starts. 

Grounding is another way to find silence in your life and gives you an opportunity to deepen your connection to the earth and the natural world.  When we ground ourselves, we’re calming or slowing down our emotions and getting more in touch with our internal and external worlds. Grounding our energy can be helpful when we feel either unbalanced or nervous. Being grounded also means that we’re more mindful with respect to our environment.

Join us as we talk about how we have failed and succeeded at integrating both meditation and grounding into our lives.