It is time to kick off Season Two and we are coming in strong with a recap of all the fabulous tips, tools, and deep dives from Season One! Everything we discussed, laughed about, and revealed to you in the first season carries over to the work we are undertaking here in Season Two of We Go Boldly Podcast. Get ready to dive right back into the deep end today as we recap Season One and layout how to  build a morning routine that works for you and your life. 

In Season One of the We Go Boldly Podcast we invited you to begin your inner exploration and journey to clearing the outside noise. We talked about finding your inner goddess, setting attainable goals, motivation versus discipline, breaking through the shoulds and oughts, defeating the darkness, the value of adaptability, and the power of relationships. All of these skills and tools allow you to seek out the limitless life that you deserve.

As we move forward into this next season we are bringing some of the tools we started experimenting with in our first season and we are building on them as we go. You will need your accountability partner more than ever! We are also going even further into our gratitude practice, journaling, meditation, and mindful breathing practices. 

All of those tools are going to wrap into building a meaningful and beautiful morning routine. The way you start your morning will impact your whole day. Start small and build. Even if you start by taking five minutes to breathe before you get out of bed in the morning that is a great beginning. You are worth the time and energy to build this routine into your life. 

Listen in this week and kick off Season Two with us!


  1. Start planning your morning routine.  What would you like to include in the routine?
  2. Figure out what you need to do in order to make that happen.  Do you need to get up earlier?  Make a plan the night before?  Buy a journal?
  3. Find an accountability partner, join  our Facebook group, follow us Instagram and Facebook.


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