In today’s episode of We Go Boldly we are talking about relationships, friendship, and finding people to lift us up.  Join us as we wrap up Season One and discuss what happens when you start listening to your inner voice and begin to make changes in your life.  What happens to relationships when you become the more authentic version of yourself.  

We look at what makes healthy and happy relationships. Making sure you are getting and giving in equal parts so you both benefit and grow from the friendship.  As you learn more you will make decisions about how you are serving others and how your friends are serving you.  We also talk about the importance of setting boundaries in our relationships. Boundaries are as much for yourself as they are for others.  

While making friends as an adult can be difficult, the best part about making new friends is an ability to create healthier friendship patterns. New friendships give you a fresh start, the opportunity to learn from past friend relationships and forge new ones that have even stronger ties. You can find the friends who will most compliment you and help you achieve a more fulfilling life, people who you can be there for, too.

We share our personal struggles and challenges with finding friends who are supporting. Learning the lesson that if someone looks down upon your goals that is more a reflection on them than you. Friends can be there for your joy and heartache as well as your successes.  


This week we want you to make a friend’s inventory, either in your head or grab your notebook.  Figure out the friends that you would like to reconnect with and the friends whom you need to disconnect.  When you have your list of friends to reconnect with, send a text or a note.  Share your gratitude.


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