In today’s episode of We Go Boldly we are talking about adaptability. Dive in with us as we discuss the differences and intersections between being adaptable, flexible, and resilient. When you develop your ability to adapt to changing circumstances, life becomes easier and more navigable. 

Changing your mindset from one of being set in your ways to one where you are curious and seek out new experiences and information can open your world. We also discuss how adaptable people are able to see the entire playing field rather than focusing solely on the current moment and situation. This enables a growth mindset to flourish.

We share our personal trials and tribulations in adjusting and adapting both in “normal” times and during the distinct challenges of COVID-19. Hear us talk about building a business and momming during a global pandemic. 

Being adaptable is a personality trait but it is also a skill. Listen in to hear all about ways to flex and improve your adaptability muscle, whether it’s by simply taking a new route to the coffee shop or by trying a new activity every month. There are a million ways to become more adaptable and give yourself the freedom to flow with the Universe. 


This week we want you to get together with your bold partner and practice becoming more adaptable by one of the methods we talked about today.

Jump over to our IG or FB group and let us know what steps you are taking to become more adaptable – share pictures of you being adaptable and tag us @goboldlytogether

Reminder of a few ways you can practice:

  1. Seek out other perspectives and ideas than you normally embrace
  2. Start taking small risks every day – try a new brand of coffee, drive a different route to work, try a new makeup routine, wear a different color, try a new kind of food. Start small and build
  3. Seek out other people to practice with and encourage them to embrace some kind of change
  4. Learn a new skill in your field or in a totally separate field


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