In today’s episode of We Go Boldly, we are talking about something different. Something we both have gone through and wanted to shed a light, bring awareness, and have a conversation about today.

The darkness aka the Terror Barrier is the feeling of fear and anxiety you experience when you’re about to push past your comfort zone in a major way. Tune in to hear our own personal anxieties and how we figure out how we can get passed.

The Terror Barrier works as an internal indicator of how much tension you are facing in the moment. When it’s in full effect, you are facing an extremely high amount of tension (for your own current capacity level). For many people, this is too much tension to handle and it shuts them down completely. They slide backward and allow their fears to prevent them from making any progress in their lives.

The Terror Barrier is the gatekeeper that separates you from the point-of-no-return of a major decision.

Challenges, or “terror barriers” based on our unconscious fears, can often erupt when we are working toward our goals and visions.

A terror barrier is an illusion.

Every fiber of our being wants us to turn back and throw in the towel, because the subconscious mind is always working to keep us safe and out of potential harm.

Here is where we need to hold firm.

Our problems are internal, not external. We have somehow labeled our situation as “bad,” and because we hold this energy, we hold resistance

Healthy fear vs. unhealthy fear

Not all fear is created equal and our responses should not be the same.

It is important is to know is the difference between discomfort and distress.

Discomfort should feel tolerable. When you are feeling discomfort, what you want to do should still feel exciting and like something you are looking forward to.

Distress, on the other hand, feels overwhelming and gets in the way of doing something that you want to do by impairing your ability.

Distress tends to feel consuming and overwhelming; you may even feel panicked or like you might die if you take the action.

Healthy Reasons to Push Through/Challenge Fear.

When the gain outweighs the pain.

When we are not willing to give up the thing that we are afraid of.

When we want to be free to do the things we want to do — and don’t want to be controlled by fear.

When to Listen to Fear and (Possibly) Stop Doing What Makes Us Afraid

Proving (yet again) that we can push through fear.

Proving an identity.

When the risk is not worth the reward.

How do we get through the terror barrier?

When problems or crises present themselves, understand that all problems are illusions. They come from the context we create around a situation that we decide we do not like.

Remember, change is inevitable.

The universe is on your side, not against you. Look for the greater seed of benefit.

Focus on getting into a state of flow. This is only acquired by being in the present moment. We cannot get there by being in our heads.

Reconfirm how you have dealt successfully before with terror barriers.

Set specific goals, rather than rely on a generic dream.

Take the first step toward your first goal.

Recognize the terror barrier and see it as a growth opportunity. Take satisfaction in widening your comfort zone, the opportunity to learn, and the progress toward your goals.

Start and end the day with gratitude.


Think about the last time you were scared or sensed the darkness.  How did you get through it?  How did you identify if it was healthy or unhealthy?

Do you have any big goals right now that you know fear is holding you back?  What are they?

If you have big goals and you know fear is getting in the way, what can you do to help work through it?


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