Join us in today’s honest conversation all about comparison. We’re sharing our own personal stories of how we‘ve gotten caught in the comparison game, as well as some major key takeaways.

We’re also talking about shame versus guilt. Where guilt is useful to the extent that it helps enforce social norms and mores, shame is the deeply painful feelings of unworthiness and unacceptability, the lack of belonging.

We also talk about how temporal self-comparison can be useful to understand your own path, and how you can make changes. Here we share more about our recent photoshoot for our website and the different mindsets we had going into it.

Comparing yourself to others breeds resentment, disappointment, shame, and self-doubt, therefore it is so important to get out of your own head and start listening to that inner voice of yours.

When you look at the lives that other people are living, you are only seeing the surface and what they allow you to see. People are not honest about the entirety of their lives online, or in real life. If you are comparing yourself to what you see in others, then you are really comparing yourself to the ideal that has been presented, not the reality of their everyday life.

Life is not fair or equal. Comparison to others fails to account for this factor. Today we’re celebrating those little moments of cleaning the bathroom, fixing the sink, and making the bed! We’re finding joy in our small successes each and every day and want you to start doing the same!

All this and more on today’s comparison episode.


Propel Women, Christine Caine: “When we believe the lies of comparison, that’s where shame steps in—the fear of being unworthy. Shame makes us feel small, unwanted, and unloved. And together, comparison and shame will keep us from living the full, happy lives we’re destined to live.”


Before the next episode take this step…

Check in with your boldness partner. How are you both doing? Take time to listen to each other, connect, laugh, cry, whatever it is you need to do.

Together, set a timer for 10 minutes, and write down everything that you spend time comparing about yourself. Be honest. Is it your weight, money, job, dreams, children, spouses, degrees…whatever it is…the whiteness of your teeth? Write it down in one big crazy list.

Here are your next options.

  1. Burn the list and do it again when you’re ready.
  2. Read the list to your accountability partner and dig into it.


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