We Go Boldly Podcast

We Go Boldly Podcast is hosted by Tovah Kopan and Rielly Karsh, Co-Founders of the Go Boldly Initiative.

We are inviting you to the forefront of your own life. Pushing you to examine your own unique feminine mythology and release the anchors of unreasonable expectations.

Tune in to hear everything from culture and relationships to careers and advocacy.

Listen and grow with us each week as we strive to build an intentional life, filled with purpose, meaning, and courage. To be bold and brave together.

Our stories will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between, but most importantly, they will make you think, and together we will crack open the most difficult issues facing women today, so we can overcome them together.

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Stay tuned each week and join in creating a bold society of limitless women. How are you creating a purposeful life? What is holding you back? Let us know over on Facebook and Instagram. You can find us @goboldlytogether.

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